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Terry’s Tips: Get the most BANG for your BIG remodel BUCK

March 26, 2012

Thinking about a BIG remodel for your home? I’m talking about not just replacing the knobs on cabinets or repainting a room or two; I’m talking about a walls-knocked-down, replace it all fix. Before you pull out the checkbook, be sure to consider how your remodel will factor into your overall home’s worth – especially if your home is on the market, or will be on the market within the next few years. Luckily, Realtor Mag has put together a list of several options that give you the biggest BANG for your buck. Here are a two of their suggestions I find especially notable:

Attic Bedroom Addition        
Job Cost: $50,148
Resale Value: $36,346
Cost Recouped: 72.5%

Garage Door Replacement (upscale)                
Job Cost: $2,994
Resale Value: $2,129
Cost Recouped: 71.1%

This is from a 2011 report, so it’s good to know these numbers are even more relevant. Are you considering a big remodel? How do you hope it will enhance your home?

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