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Terry’s Tips: Stain it Yourself

February 23, 2012

My DIY stained doors saved me $1000

I feel blessed to be able to live in Charleston with my family. We love living here mostly because of the wonderful people and the gorgeous weather.

However, the beautiful weather does come with certain fall backs. We have three exterior doors that need to be stained again every 1-2 years, which was becoming a big expense. The last time around, we decided to see if we could do the fix ourselves. The result? Success!

The doors look gorgeous and we have figured out that we saved almost $1, 000. The materials (sandpaper, stain, and new paint brushes) cost about $50. The project was somewhat time consuming, but my husband Tim did a little bit each time he got a chance. For that kind of savings, the project was totally worth it.

Project tip: Make sure to sand off the old stain, down to the bare wood, apply the stain with a clean rag rather than with a brush and go slow with the top coat of clear poly – the thinner the better for a perfect finish.

What other DIY tips have saved you hundreds, if not thousands? Share those money-saving ideas!

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