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Terry’s Tips: Get Your Home Ready for a Spring Sale

February 7, 2012

The spring real estate market is already off to a hot start. Is your home ready for sale? Here are some tips to help:

1. Curb appeal is a must! You have 7-10 sec to make someone get out of the car. What is your number 1 draw to make that happen?
2. Your front yard should celebrate the season. Make sure your spring flowers and front yard landscape look colorful and maintained. Now is the time to mow, trim, hedge and sweep!
3. Say “Welcome.” Have the same welcome mat that has been sitting on the front porch for 5 years? Clean it up, brush it off, or just go and buy a new mat to welcome potential buyers and offer them a place to wipe their feet.  
4. Turn on the lights. Check all of the outdoor lighting and make sure it is working. Do you have front walk lighting, garage spotlights or more? Do a test tonight to make sure everything is functioning and bright.
5. Double check your listing info. Make sure directions are correct and simple. Is your address clearly marked on the front of the house or on your mailbox as well? If not, consider cleanly painting the numbers on the curb by your driveway if your homeowners association permits it.

More tips are available in my e-book, Make Every Buyer Want Your House. What other “musts” should be on the spring to-do to SELL list?

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