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Terry’s Tips: Your Home’s Photos are the First Impression

January 11, 2012

An example of a clean, organized, well-staged and well photographed room

Having good, quality photos of your home is essential. In today’s day and age, it is the first impression a potential buyer will ever have of your home since the majority check out listings online. In fact, if you don’t have good photos, you might have already turned away potential buyers who quickly moved on to a home for sale that does.

To have quality photos, though, your home needs to be prepared. Is everything tidy, neat, organized and unwrinkled in your shots? There should be no clutter or scenes that make viewers say, “What’s that over there in the corner?” or even worse, “Can you believe how much stuff they have on their counters?Always consider the perspective from an outside source. 

What do you think? What stands out to you most in well photographed – and not well shot – photos of homes for sale?

Just because it's "livable" doesn't mean viewers won't think it's cluttered and unappealing!


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