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Daniel Island News Letter to the Editor

January 6, 2012

I shared last week about how my neighbors helped raise $1,000 for March of Dimes, but this week I was surprised and humbled to receive a sweet Letter to the Editor in the Daniel Island News:

Thanks to Terry Haas for putting together a great story in last week’s Daniel Island News about her friends and neighbors in Center Park. Not only did they band together to raise money for a worthy cause but they seem to have found a strong sense of community and had fun doing it! “Hanging out in the alley” made me think of the neighborhood there as a single house with many families all mutually supporting each other and forging lasting friendships. Maybe they should call themselves the “Alley Cats!” Could tee shirts emblazoned with a fun logo be far behind?

It made me wonder whether any of the other many small neighborhood areas we have on Daniel Island could do something equally as fun and creative…like putting together a float from each area for the Fourth of July parade (and making it a real parade!) or putting luminaries around our local streets and/or lakes over the holidays or showcasing homemade food dishes at Park Day. Might be fun to daydream a little.

We could also have each area stage a fun event around the holidays with all of us supporting a common charity (e.g. MUSC Children’s Hospital, a local homeless shelter, the Kidney Foundation, training classes for returning veterans, etc.)

Ideas anyone?

Meantime, you go Alley Cats!

Bob Sauer

Thank you for your kind words, Bob! I hope our efforts lead to others taking initiative in the community to create their own neighborly fundraisers. There are so many amazing causes out there, and with just a bit of rallying support it’s amazing what we can accomplish!

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