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Terry Recommends: Hire a consultant to de-clutter that closet!

December 22, 2011

This could be a great Christmas gift: how about a closet makeover?

I recently had an expert come into my home and do a full evaluation of my closet, my wardrobe and all-around assessment of my organization. It was simply eye-opening and the best investment I could have spent. She organized my closet, de-cluttered and redesigned my wardrobe, eliminated (my silly number of) shoes, and then consigned items that could be sold – which ended up making me some money to offset the price. Now, I am obsessed with keeping my closet organized and always think twice before I buy new stuff. It was totally worth the investment.

I could not more highly recommend a consultation to those of you who just get overwhelmed every time you step into your closet. Even if you just want someone to streamline the way you dress, you have to check it out.

What’s your closet like? I would love to hear about your own de-cluttering experiences. Start the new year off right – and wouldn’t this just be the perfect gift for someone who really could use it?

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