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Terry’s Tips: Decorating Inspiration 101

December 21, 2011

Whether you’re sprucing up a room to sell your home or you’re decorating from scratch, having one key inspiration piece is so essential. For example, French country style, when done well, can be warm, inviting, comfortable or dressed up. However, have you ever walked into a French country room and been overwhelmed with accents, fabric, tassles and the like? You never want to smother your guests with a style that feels forced!

Overfilling a room with decorations is never a good idea!

Even if you’re not a decorator by profession, you can embrace a style based on something you love. Pick one thing you like for inspiration in a room and work from there. A pillow, lamp, picture frame, etc. – it doesn’t matter what the item is. Your decor will come together in time, so don’t force it by just adding in more and more to a room.

Welcoming and bright. What do you think this decorator's inspiration is? The art over the fireplace?

Keep it simple and look for the deals. Think outside of the box. Then, post pictures! I want to see your final product! Email me:

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