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Backyard Upgrade: Adding on a Fire Pit, Part I

December 19, 2011

The designer laying out the firepit behind my home

It’s been our dream to re-do our backyard with an area that includes a fire pit. After exploring several local providers, we brought on Coastal Rock Productions here in Charleston…and we already are making progress already!

The designer showed up last week with cinder blocks for us to lay out our ideal design and measurements. I know I may be crazy, but I loved his method of laying out the blocks based on the actual size and shape of the design based on my family and friends’ height measurements! Really? He actually took the time to invite my husband and me to sit on the mock-up, stretch out our legs and check the direction of the angle where my chairs will be. With just a few minor tweaks, we’re moving forward with construction.

I’ll keep you posted on more of the progress, but I’m excited even more now for the final product. What’s a project in your home that you plan to take on (or want to take on) in 2012?

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