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Terry’s Tips: Selling your home during the Holidays, interior edition

December 12, 2011

A simple living room at Christmastime is best for potential buyers.

On Friday, I posted about how to have curb appeal – and holiday spirit – while trying to sell your home during the holiday season. I wanted to follow up with what to do with the interior of your home…hopefully you’ll draw those potential buyers in for a tour! However, you don’t want to overwhelm these guests once inside. Here are a few more ways to be festive while showing your home:

1. Be sparing on the scented candles. Too much pine, cinnamon or holly scent can be overpowering, and you don’t want to distract your potential buyers from the look of the room. The focus should be on the home itself, not the aromatic ambiance.

2. Pack up the presents and gifts. While festive and fun, a room overrun with your holiday cheer might be distracting to potential buyers. Once again, the focus should be on the room itself and how they can imagine themselves living in it – not how many presents you have under your tree.

3. Keep the holiday music low. It’s fine to have soft, soothing music in the background, but nothing loud or distracting (for example, you probably should stay away from “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.”)

Homes do get sold during the holidays! Just think, if someone is out looking at homes this time of year, they’re most likely a very serious buyer!

Want more tips on how to sell your home? Email me!

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