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Terry’s Tips: Holiday Curb Appeal for Home Sellers

December 9, 2011

Is your house on the market this holiday season? It can be a tough time to keep your home in top selling shape, especially if you have lots of guests coming in for the holidays. It also can be a challenge if you’re a big fan of seasonal decorating…don’t overdo it on the Christmas lights!

The holiday season is a huge time for buyers to drive-by your home, whether they’re looking at neighborhood Christmas lights or checking out the neighborhood festivities. Every drive-by is an opportunity for you to entice them to enter your house-for-sale, and it all comes down to curb appeal. Even if it’s the holidays, don’t slack off on presenting your home in its most attractive light!

If you’re decorating for Christmas, remember to keep the decorations minimal and clean. Crazy flashing lights, giant inflatables, a nativity scene with 130 actors involved…all these and more, while fun, are a distraction from what you’re trying to sell: your house to a potential new homeowner, who wants to be able to imagine themselves in your home this time next year – WITHOUT the three inflatable Santas and reindeer running across your yard.

Here are two homes that are festive without distracting from a potential home sale:

Simple but tasteful

Elegant and not overstated

And a few no’s that are always fun to drive by, but NOT when you are trying to sell your home:


Takes away from the "curb" in "curb appeal"

Don't let your home get lost in the Christmas spirit!

Have you seen any crazy decorated homes this holiday season? I’d love to see your photos! Email them to me at

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