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The Value of a Client Testamonial

December 6, 2011

I recently helped my clients Nathan and Angie find their new home here on Daniel Island. Every home buying and selling experience is so special and unique for me, especially when I get to work with such wonderful people. Nathan and Angie wrote a raving review of my real estate company, and I am so moved by their kind words that I wanted to share it with you:

Initially, we had our home listed with another company. During this time Terry visited our home of 11 years and suggested ways we could change things so that our home would show better. We added tile, granite, mirrors in bathrooms, removed personal pictures, and reduced clutter in closets. Terry’s experience on the show Designed to Sell (although I never watch HGTV) encouraged me that she knew what she was talking about.  Then after hearing rave reviews about Julie from our back door neighbor and realizing Julie and Terry were a team, we decided to move our listing to River Landing Realty. Julie and Terry met with my husband and I and wowed us with their agressive strategy to sell our home. After our meeting, we listened to their tips once more and felt empowered to prepare our home for a new owner. River Landing Realty eventually helped us with 3 transactions: the sale of our home, a lot in Smythe Park, and the purchase of our new home.

 Julie provided us with the marketing tools to sell our home and Terry frequently gave us pep talks to help us through the showing and negotiating process.  We were pleasantly surprised when several offers came in at once. Terry helped us manuveur through the contract process and along with Tim and Jim, we found our new home. Terry’s honesty and positivity are refreshing and exciting. She didn’t just wait for a desirable listing to appear that might be desirable to us as we looked to purchase, she beat the pavement and utilized her contacts on Daniel Island to broaden our search. As an added bonus, Terry makes my children laugh which was so beneficial when there were three little ones joining us on showing appointments. Even after moving into our new home, I can call upon Terry to tell me what she thinks about my furniture layout or fabric choices. She has a great eye for color and design.

During the inspection and closing process on both our previous home and our new home, Tim proved to be knowledgable and level-headed. He had our back!

 Jim frequently followed-up with our buyers and their agent to ensure that our previous home closed despite delays with a co-op company in NY. Any concerns that we encountered during the buying and selling process were addressed.

I can’t say enough about River Landing Realty. They were a wonderful team of agents with which to work, and I am thankful that God led us through this process with the help of these 4 hard-working people.

 – Nathan & Angie, Daniel Island, SC

I am so fortunate to be able to work with not only an amazing team but amazing clients. Thank you to people like Nathan and Angie for making my work so worthwhile!


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